The links below are provided to help you understand why we have chosen to
naturally rear our terriers free of chemicals, hormones and byproducts using a
natural meaty bone diet along with minimal vaccinations, conventional and holistic
vet care.  

Airedale Terriers should easily live into their mid teens, but many families lose
these wonderful dogs before their tenth birthday.  Many Airedales are plagued
with cancers, auto-immune disorders, thyroid problems, kidney disease, joint
pain, chronic skin problems, dental disease and allergies.  Why? We feel it is
due to the overuse of vaccinations, chemicals, steroids, antibiotics, year round
poisons being applied or given orally to prevent parasites.  Many owners feed a  
poor protein grain based diet...never adding fresh meat, eggs, vegetables or
fruit.  Would you feed your child the same cereal food everyday and expect
proper growth and health? Children are not vaccinated yearly...yet we are told
to vaccinate our pets yearly. Why?  It is time for pet owners to realize there
are alternatives to keeping dogs healthy, happy and living well into their teens.  

As breeders  we take great pride in producing healthy, sound terriers who
excel in temperment, type and function.  Our wish for each puppy we bring into
this world is a long happy healthy life with a loving family.  Please review the
links below and keep an open mind.
AuNaturelK9s is an excellent educational
website...lots to read and think about.
Click on the banner.
Yahoo group: rawk9s : email group for people wanting
or starting to feed a raw diet to their pet.
Wolf Creek Ranch  Facts and Info on Diatomaceous
Earth...Natural worming and flea control.
Caber Feidh Scottish Deerhounds : excellent
information on Canine Vaccinations
It's for the Animals: Dr Dodd's Changing Vaccine Protocols
A Must read for all pet owners!  Be informed about your pet's vaccinations.
Click on the above banner to go to MY PET CARNIVORE.
Informative articles on raw feeding, vaccinations.  Excellent raw food source for
your pets.  They delivery to many areas monthly in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois.
Visit "Stanley" blog.  Hysterical stories and photos of Stanley,
Lacie and Scruffy in Pittsburgh, PA.  Stanley is Dutch's brother.
DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards  Written by Clark Malcolm Greene
A wonderful heartfelt book about the author growing up with his Airedale
terrier "Patch" on the shores of Lake Erie.  Clark and his wife Paula have
a Bobcat puppy to raise and love from the Suzie X Dutch litter.
4 week old Airedale terrier pups enjoying a raw
chicken breast with rib bones.
Tom Lonsdale, DVM
Raw Meaty Bones: from a veterinarian's viewpoint
Fresh venison meaty neckbone
Mealtime: baked sweet potato, raw egg,
chicken back and 1 cup of ground meat.
Vit E, Fish oil and pet vitamin
Two chicken wings, cottage cheese, chicken
hearts and gizzards.  Vit E, and Fish oil capsule.
Baked sweet potato, chicken gizzards and
hearts, ground green tripe.
What's for dinner?  
Below are some meals our airedales eat.
New to RAW?  Top 50 questions answered about raw feeding.
Baccio enjoys a meaty pork shoulder. Within 30 minutues
she had eaten this huge meaty bone eaten except for a
3" X 3" chunk of bone.
8 week old airedale pup eating raw venison
and chicken drumsticks and thighs
Our favorite links...
G and C Raw Pet Food    *Located in Ohio.
* Delivery throughout Ohio and Michigan.
Blue Rose RAW Pet Food: Delivery within Ohio
We purchase beef tongue, beef heart and  meaty goat neck.  Good fair prices.
What is Natural Rearing?  Excellent article on vaccines, what is in dog food, what
vets don't tell us about vaccine use, ect.
Bobcat Kennel
OLEX: our 4 month old German Shepherd "grand-puppy" enjoys fresh
venison meat! Olex was purchased as an 8 week old kibble fed puppy and
went directly on to a raw meaty bone diet.  We do not feed our dogs on
the floor, they normally eat smaller portions (22 oz daily) in a crate.
They eat on a large towel and we simply wipe the crate with diluted
white vinegar daily.  
Lots of good information on raising your pet in a healthy more
natural way. Preventing illness and disease. Easy to read/understand.